Brake Inspection Services Brooklyn Park, MN

So many factors go into how quickly your brakes wear out that it is important to have them inspected regularly. Think about it: do you want your brakes to fail or not function at their best? The only way to really know is to get a brake inspection.

How Often Should You Replace Your Car Brake Pads?

Car Brake PadsThis depends on how much city vs. highway driving you do, your driving habits, and road conditions. Do you commute in congested traffic conditions? How much does your vehicle weigh? Do you tow a load often?

Rule of thumb is to replace your car’s brake pads before they wear down to 1/8th of an inch (or whatever your car manufacturer recommends). If you wait too long, the pads will totally wear down leaving the metal caliper to scrap on the rotor. If you hear a scraping sound like metal on metal, you may need a new rotor and caliper as well as pads—this can be costly, so don’t wait that long!

Keep in mind that the only way to know how much a brake job will cost is an inspection—it various depending use of the breaks and how long since the last break job.  After inspection, we let you know the estimated cost to get you back on the road and safe.

You Get What You Pay For—Especially with Car Brakes!

Noble Mobil uses the highest quality brake pads and parts so you can be sure that you and your family are safe. Ceramic pads are best, lasting four times as long, but we take everything into consideration and use the right brake parts for you and your car. We work fast and get you on the road again.