Car Clutch Repair, Brooklyn Park MN

Clutch Problem Diagnosed & Repaired by Skilled Mechanic

Fixing a clutch is a big job and needs to be done right. The manual clutch and the clutches that are a part of your automatic transmission should be replaced by a professional with lots of clutch repair experience because it involves un-installing the transmission, resurfacing the flywheel, replacing the clutch properly, and then re-installing everything correctly.

Clutch Replacement: Not a Job for Amateurs!

The clutch is an important part of an automobile’s transmission system. Your car’s clutch regulates the power that is transmitted from the engine to the wheels, whether you have an automatic transmission or a manual clutch. Some fixes on your car are pretty simple, but you need a mechanic who really knows what they are doing to do a clutch job right. The skilled mechanics at Noble Mobil have years of experience fixing clutches and getting cars back on the road!