Heating and Air Conditioning Repair MN

Car Heat and AC controls

In Minnesota it is not only uncomfortable to drive without proper heating and air conditioning in your car, it’s unsafe. Of course you’ve gotta have heat in your car in the winter. You must also have a well functioning defrost system so you can see the road! And in the heat of the summer, your car’s AC helps you keep your cool.

Heating and AC Diagnostics

Using both state of the art diagnostic equipment and years of experience, we’ll determine what problems your car’s heat and AC system has and expertly repair it. Weather you need a whole new system, or minor repair, we get the job done right!

Sweet Smell from Your Car’s Air Vents? Possible Heater Core Leak

You might be wondering what that sweet smell is in your car that comes out of your air vents every time you turn your car heater on. Anti-freeze/Coolant runs through your car’s heater core and if there is a leak, it will vent into your car’s cabin. Time to check it out and get it fixed.

Summer: Time to Recharge Car AC

Every year when summer rolls around, it’s time to get your car air conditioning system recharged. Overtime and with regular use, the refrigerant that cools your car on a hot summer day needs to be recharged. That is a good time to get your car’s AC checked for leaks, too.