Car Oil and Filter Change, Brooklyn Park MN

Changing the engine oil of your car is a messy job, but somebody’s got to do it. It’s important the right oil is used for your particular car and for the season. At Noble Mobil you can get your oil and filter changed quickly—we take care of the mess and your engine is protected.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil and Filter?

Car Oil Filter

Oil and Filter Changed Every 3000 Miles Provides Best Protection for Your Car

Most manufacturers say every year or 7500 miles for new cars. However as the miles rack up on your car, it is important to have your oil and oil filter changed more often. Oil protects your engine from friction and wear and as time and miles go by, the oil gets dirty. The filter handles most of the debris, but after about six months or 3000 miles on less than new cars, the oil is quite dirty and the filter can no longer provide proper filtration.

Cars that have had regular oil and filter changes—about every 3000 miles or so—last longer and have less need of repair. This “ounce of prevention” can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.