Pre-Purchase Inspections for Pre-owned Cars

Purchasing a used car is a great way to save money, until it’s not. A car that is just one or two years old can cost thousands of dollars less than the new models rolling off the production line. But “pre-owned” comes with a big question mark. How well was the car maintained? Did the previous owner(s) drive the car in such a way to cause extensive wear and tear? Was the car in an accident? Carfax and other services are a help, but can’t tell you everything.

Is This Car a Lemon?

How do you know if this nice looking used car that you want to buy is worth the money? The only sure way to know if it’s in road worthy condition is to have an independent, certified auto mechanic perform a pre-purchase inspection.

The last thing you want to do is sink thousands of dollars into a car that will cost you thousands to keep running.

Used Car Inspection by an Independent, Professional Mechanic

Noble Mobil provides complete bumper to bumper pre-owned car inspections that will let you know exactly what you may be getting into. We inspect the engine, transmission and clutch, heating and air conditioning, the electrical system, the break system, all the belts and hoses, radiator and engine cooling system, steering and suspension–everything bumper to bumper.We will let you know the condition of the particular car as well as concerns common for that particular make/model.