Car Tune Ups Brooklyn Park, MN

What is a tune up exactly? It is a regularly scheduled maintenance of your car’s fluids, filters, and other parts like belts, hoses, and spark plugs are replaced. Tune ups are can save you thousands of dollars because they prevent many car problems from developing in the first place. Also in the process of providing regular tune up service, an undetected problem can be discovered, saving you from being stuck by the side of the road.

Annual Car Tune Up Recommended

Car makers and car part manufacturers recommend that car owners come in for a tune up once a year. Anytime of the year is fine, but especially before the snow flies. Wise car owners have all the necessary car fluids changed, get a brake job, tires rotated, all filters replaced, and so on, while regular tune up maintenance also gets done (such at spark plugs and wires, fuel filter, oxygen sensor, PCV valve, etc.

Replacing parts that wear out over time is the key to maintaining your car.

Noble Parkway Mobil annual tune ups include an inspection of all your car’s systems from the engine to the blower motor for your heating and air conditioning. Whenever possible, we want to catch a problem and keep you and your family safe.