Wheel Alignment, Brooklyn Park MN

Properly Aligned Wheels Saves Your Car Tires

When your wheels are not aligned properly, undue wear and tear occurs on your tires. One of the things you’ve got to watch out for in Minnesota is pot-holes. The freeze and thaw cycle every year is pretty rough on the road surfaces and sometimes hitting a pot-hole is unavoidable. The problem is this can through your car’s wheel base all out of alignment. Some car owners find they have to replace a newer set of tires because they hit a pot-hole or curb severely enough to cause a mis-alignment.

Maximum Tire Life and Straight Driving

Also one of the first things to check out when your car wants to pull to one side is wheel alignment. It’s a good idea to check your tires regularly for unusual wear spots. Anytime you bring your car into Noble Parkway Mobil for a scheduled service or repair, ask to have your alignment checked—it could save you money and help your tires to last much longer.

Symptoms of Unaligned Wheels

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Rapid tire wear
  • “Wandering” or pulling to one side when driving on a level straight road
  • Steering wheel spokes cock-eyed when driving on a level straight road